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Scope of Services doing by MS & P are :

Legal Dispute Settlement (Litigation) Insurance and Re-Insurance
Arbitration Intelectual Property Right (IPR)
Banking Man Power
Bangkruptcy Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Taxes
Property and Constructions Famili Law

Supported by reliable Advocates , this Firm has competency to settle any manpower dispute, This Firm offers the following services :
  1. Advice on the implication of merger, acquisition, and work transfer.
  2. Advice and drafting Collective Work Agreement, Company’s Regulation, etc.
  3. Giving advice on all aspects of manpower rationalization, firing or hiring more manpower.
  4. Legal advice on labor dispute settlement.
  5. Litigation on all manpower aspects.
  6. Advice on labor based on law and minimum standard, skill improvement and equality of the Man Power.
To improve the knowledge and skill of the employee to settle the legal disputes, MS & P has established mutual cooperation with LPHI on conducting legal training such as good corporate governance and legal officer.

::: Home ::: Scope of Services ::: The Management :::