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Scope of Services doing by MS & P are :

Legal Dispute Settlement (Litigation) Insurance and Re-Insurance
Arbitration Intelectual Property Right (IPR)
Banking Man Power
Bangkruptcy Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Taxes
Property and Constructions Famili Law

MS& P has set up a special division for IPR, which called RISTEK PATENT. This Division was set up to anticipate the Free Trade Area (AFTA) and World Free Trade Area (WTO), where there will be tougher competition in product trading and services. This division provides the following services :
  1. Preparing and executing Registration of Patent, Trade-mark, Copyright, and Industrial Design.
  2. Searching services and monitoring Client’s Patent, Trademark, Copyrights, and Industrial Design.
  3. Filling complaints, cancellation relating the patent, trademark, copyrights and industrial design.
  4. Giving comprehensive legal advice in the matter of IPR to protect Client’s interest.

::: Home ::: Scope of Services ::: The Management :::